Description: A young male or female military figure stands upright in a chariot drawn by two lions or sphinx. The figure is triumphant, riding to victory seemingly without having to control his progress. The lion/sphinx are black and white, perhaps symbolizing night and day, conscious and subconscious, past and present.
Association: The Chariot is associated with the number 7 and the astrological sign of Cancer.

Positive Meaning: Triumph, victory and reward after a period of discipline and hard work. Luck has nothing to do with the success now being enjoyed, but has been won after a tough battle. Sometimes the Chariot symbolizes someone who never gives up, or an actual vehicle like a car. The Chariot can also mean the arrival of triumphant news.

Negative Meaning (reversed): The reversed position of this card indicates addiction, envy and avarice. Negative attitudes, limitations and lack of self-control abound. This card reversed can indicate someone who hides their head in the sand, perhaps using alcohol and drugs to escape. It can also be a warning against over-whelming ambition and wasting energy and resources.

Powerful Relationship Fix Spell (upright reading given)
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Return my love ritual (upright reading given)
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Fortune Money and Attraction (upright reading given)
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Black Magic Loveless Breakup (reversed card shown in reading)
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True Witch Love Bounds (reverse card shown in reading)
Witch Love

Faster Love Found Ritual (reverse card shown in reading)
Faster Love

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