Magician Tarot Card and Magic Spells

Description: A man stands at a table holding a magical wand. The figure eight, the symbol of eternity, floats over his head and on the table are a cup, pentacle disc, sword and wand representing the suits of the Minor Arcana. The Magician is an adept in the mysteries and occult. He has studied long and hard and reached the pinnacle of priesthood, a master of magical knowledge and healing.
Association: The Magician is associated with the number 1 and the astrological planet of Mercury.

Positive Meaning: The Magician urges you to initiate projects and take practical, self-disciplined action to achieve goals. You may also find yourself in a teaching role or developing an interest in languages, writing, public speaking or psychotherapy. This card can also indicate an agent or entrepreneur.

Negative Meaning (reversed): A negative Magician often means you are dithering and procrastinating, unable to make a choice or decision about something. You may feel lacking in inspiration or energy, unable to complete projects or see things through to their conclusion.

Love Spells and Tarot Card Readings from Spell Caster Marie-Cindy

Powerful Relationship Fix Spell (upright reading given)
Relationship Spells

Return my love ritual (upright reading given)
Return Lover Spells

Fortune Money and Attraction (upright reading given)
Attraction Spells

Spell Casters Delight Conjure (reversed card shown in reading)
Black Spells

True Witch Love Bounds (reverse card shown in reading)
Witch Love

Faster Love Found Ritual (reverse card shown in reading)
Faster Love

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