Moon Tarot Card and Full Spells

Description: A full moon hangs over two sinister towers in a surreal landscape. Two dogs howl up at the moon while a crab crawls up out of the water at their feet.
Association: The Moon is associated with the number 18 and the astrological sign of Pisces.

Positive Meaning: You are in a phase when your subconscious is trying to communicate with you. You will likely experience vivid dreams and remember most of them. You may feel frightened by this but just go with the flow and see what you learn. This card can also mean psychic ability or an interest in fields relating to illusion such as the theatre, film, writing fiction or poetry.

Negative Meaning (reversed): You are dealing with insincerity. Someone is lying to you, or you're lying to someone. This is an inablity to distingish between fantasy and reality resulting in much confusion. This card reversed often indicates alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, or prison or hospital incarceration.

Moon spells are highly advantagious around the time of a moon psychic reading. Consider a powerful moon love spell.

Love Spells and Tarot Card Readings from Spell Caster Marie-Cindy

Powerful Relationship Fix Spell (upright reading given)
Relationship Spells

Return my love ritual (upright reading given)
Return Lover Spells

Fortune Money and Attraction (upright reading given)
Attraction Spells

Spell Casters Delight Conjure (reversed card shown in reading)
Black Spells

True Witch Love Bounds (reverse card shown in reading)
Witch Love

Faster Love Found Ritual (reverse card shown in reading)
Faster Love

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